Russia 2018

The World Cup will take place in Russia in 2018. This was announced on December 2, 2010 by the organizer FIFA, Russia left the countries England, Portugal/Spain and Belgium/Netherlands behind them. It is first time in history for Russia to be the host country of the World Cup. Russia may also call itself the first Eastern European host country of the World Cup. The 2018 World Cup will take place between the 14th of June and the 15th of July and 32 teams will compete for the title. During the World Cup, football will be played in 11 different cities throughout the country.

The World Cup

The World Cup starts with the group phase, this will show who belongs in the top 2 of the group and eventually goes on to the eighth final. Morocco plays its group matches in the following cities with their stadium:

  • Morocco vs. Iran in the St. Petersburg Stadium, Date: 15 june 2018
  • Portugal vs. Morocco in the Luzhniki Stadium,Date: 20 june Moscow
  • Morocco vs. Spain in the Kaliningrad Stadium, Date: 25 june Kaliningrad

Russian norms and values

Russia is a country that favours communism. However, communism in Russia has changed a lot over the years. It is more of an open communism than before. In the past there was no religious freedom and you actually had to believe that god did not exist. Nowadays there is religious freedom in Russia. This way you are free to choose your own religion. Russia’s economy has also changed over the years. Russia had an economic system in which everyone received the same salary. They have found out over the years that this did not work and eventually adjusted it. Furthermore, Russia is a fairly sober country whose inhabitants are known for their drinking behavior.

 Ties between Russia and Morocco

Morocco is going to Russia in 2018 for the World Cup, at first sight it seems that both countries have nothing to do with each other. However, this is not the case, Morocco and Russia have built up a bond through the years.

  • In March 2016 Morocco and Russia signed an agreement about the mutual protection of classified information. In October 2017 the two governments of Morocco and Russia signed agreements in the Moroccan capital Rabat to start collaboration in military-, security-, economic- and political sectors.
  • Russia and Morocco are currently in the process of regulating a free trade agreement between the two countries. According to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohammed Baboe, this is a win-win situation. Morocco is a top trading partner in the Arab world and Morocco is the largest agricultural and textile exporter from all over Africa.
  • Before the coming World Cup, the Russian security services asked the Moroccan security services to help them to guarantee the safety of the World Cup visitors, volunteers and of course players as Morocco’s experience with terrorism is known all over the world.