About us

Morocco Fanshop 

Morocco Fanshop is part of We Support Morocco B.V.

We Support Morocco was established in the beginning of 2018 with the purpose of supporting Morocco along different roads. Morocco Fanshop is the first project that will be executed and many more will follow.

Morocco Fanshop originated during the search for Moroccan fangear. The urge to support the Moroccan national football team during the coming World Cup in Russia started the search.
Unfortunately we found out that there was no supplier inside Europe who produces Moroccan fangear and we thought it was time for that to change.

After a long search in China, Taiwan and South Korea we found a producer who could turn the desired products in to Moroccan fangear.
We Support Morocco B.V. hopes to be of service tot he Moroccan society and hopes the Moroccan national team will become the World Champion.