Payment Options

Payment Options

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Paypal Free

We accept Visa, iDEAL, MasterCard, Paypal, Mister Cash or SOFORT. After selecting your preferred payment method, you will be redirected to the chosen payment gateway. Once your payment has been completed, you will return to and you will receive your payment confirmation by email. In case the payment is canceled or failed, you will be returned to and you will see a notification containing the error. From that page you can choose a different payment method.

Payment failed or declined?

Paid with iDEAL, no order confirmation received?

Did you pay with iDEAL, but you’re not sure whether your order has been successful or not? Check if money has been debited from your account. If no money has been debited, the payment hasn’t been successful and you didn’t lose any money. You can place your order again.

Has money been debited, but you haven’t received an order confirmation yet? Then we advise you to wait. It can take up to an hour for us to receive payments.

If you’ve not received an order confirmation from us after an hour, please contact our customer service. With the help of your transaction number we can assist you fast and easily. This is always mentioned in the transaction.

Disapproved credit card payments

It’s possible for your payment to be refused, which of course is very annoying. Unfortunately, we have no insight into the reasons. Refused payments can’t be reversed.

No worries. Morocco Fanshop doesn’t use ‘blacklists’ from other companies and will in turn never share this rejected payment with other companies.

Your order has been automatically cancelled and nothing will be written off. Do you still want to receive your order? Then place it again and choose iDEAL or another payment option.

Repayment and other questions

How do we pay you back?

How we refund you is fully up to which way you’ve paid us. Have you paid with iDEAL? Then we will refund the payment to your bank account. When you’ve paid with your credit card and you’ve returned your full order, we will refund the amount to your credit card. Did you only return part of your order? Then we deposit the money to a bank account you provide us with. If your account number is not known, we kindly ask you to let us know.

Where can I find the status of my refund?

The status of your refund can unfortunately not be found anywhere, but we assure you that the payment is made within 3 working days after the package is returned.

I haven’t received my refund?

Every bank is different and the time it takes for the money to get on your bank account depends on which bank you have. We always reimburse the money within 3 working days after processing the returning package. If the money still isn’t in your bank account after 5 working days, please contact customer service.

I haven’t received an invoice, where can I still find it?

You can easily download your invoice in your Morocco Fanshop account. Don’t have an account yet? Then contact customer service and make sure you have your order number ready. We will then send you the correct invoice immediately.

Does Morocco Fanshop offer afterpay?

Yes. When you place an order with your credit card, the amount is reserved on your credit card. The actual depreciation will only be made after the delivery. This way you pay afterwards.